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Paintless Dent Repair, Bumper Dents, Door Dings, Windshield Repair 

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4614 Nasa Pkwy. Seabrook Tx. 77586                               PRICING BELOW                  

Dent Medics
                  Paintless Dent Repair ( door dings, Bumper Dents, hail damage ) Windshield repair.
          We have been servicing the Clear Lake, Seabrook , Pasadena , La Porte , Friendswood, League City ,
                                        Kemah ,  Galveston , Webster , Baytown and  Southeast Houston  Texas , area

                                                               with quality work since 1996

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                     Bumper repair takes about 1 hour. There are restaurants and a coffee shop in our business center.                                     Windshield Repair about 20 minutes. Paintless dent removal about 30 mi                            

      Pricing  :
 We Accept all Major Credit Cards

Windshield repair  -   $45   first chip $20 each additional  $60 for cracks up to 5 inches .                            
                                        $60 for rock a chip larger than a dime. 


                                          OR  FREE WITH INSURANCE   see terms below :

Bumper dent removal -  $125  flat rate per bumper.

*  Paintless dent repair - $60 - 1" dent.  $80 - 2" dent. $120 - 3" dent. Discount on second panel. Prices may vary
on paintless dent repair due to the severity of each dent.
* Hail damage -  Each hail damaged car requires an individual quote with a hail chart estimator, prices vary
                             due to the size of the dents and how extensive the damage is. We will provide for you an estimate
                              for your Insurance company.


Windshield Repair :  Injecting a clear resin into the windshield restores the structural integrity of the glass, restores clarity and strength to the windshield.

Bumper Dent Repair
Not all plastic bumpers need to be replaced. We heat, re-mold and re-shape your bumper using innovative techniques. 95% of all dented or pushed in bumpers can be fixed . The results are amazing! After the bumper is shaped back to its original position we buff and polish the area dented or damaged . We don’t do any painting. Creases may still be slightly noticable. Most blemishes will clear up 80 to 90 percent. This is a much less expensive option than body shop repair. 
Paintless Dent Repair  : Massaging the dent out from the back side of the panel restores the natural look of the surface. in most cases the surface will look up to 95% better, hardly noticable. Not having to paint the area is a plus and much less expensive than body shop repair saving you time and money. 

 Hail Damage

Hail season is here and there are reports of storms all across the country already. Hail stones can do severe damage to the value of your vehicle. Depending on the method you choose to have it repaired could result in even more damage to your vehicles value.


You basically have two options:

Option1 - Body Shop

  • Take your vehicle to a traditional body shop and they will replace the hood and the trunk, cut the roof off and weld a new one on and fill each remaining dent with putty. Once the putty is dry they will sand it down smooth and then repaint your entire vehicle. Now not only will your car not have it's original factory paint but it will be missing some of it's original factory parts as well.  All this can take two weeks or more!

Option 2 - DENT MEDICS

  • Call DENT MEDICS, let us meticulously massage the dents out of your vehicle restoring your vehicles original appearance while maintaining all the original paint and parts.  All this in less than a day and for a fraction of what a body shop will charge!

We will be glad to give you a written estimate for the repair or your hail damage, will forward a copy to your insurance company if desired. We have over a decade of experience of dealing with insurance claims and our process is widely welcomed by the insurance community.

Windshield Repair with Insurance

If you have a windshield chip and comprehensive auto insurance coverage chances are good that you will be offered free windshield repair by your company.Most Insurance companies will waive your deductible, with no up front cost. We are a preferred provider for Insurance companies. Show us your Insurance ID card and we take care of the rest, Its that easy.

Auto Glass and Insurance Rates

Typically speaking your insurance rates (premium) will not increase because of an auto glass claim. Windshield claims are generally considered a “no-fault” claim and thus the insurance company does not punish your pocket book.

Adjuster Inspection of Glass Claims?

Insurance companies typically don't require an insurance adjuster to inspect your vehicle for a windshield repair or replacement but check with your insurance company prior to having work done.

Your Insurance Rights

You have the right to choose what auto glass company does your windshield repair or replacement. Your insurance company may have a “preferred glass shop” but you are not obligated to use them.

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